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Credit Reporting

An online credit recording facility for monitoring purposes.The system enables users to check and confirm the ACTIVE membership status of parties concerned.This facility is an easy and free platform for all active PPL members. Check it out now!

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A Financial Protection Fund : collective, cooperative, collaborative and unified fund contribution by the members for the members. Check it now!

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PPL E-Wallet

Our PPL digital wallet is an easy payment utility where active members can easily and securely fund, use and manage settlements within the networks. Easy to use, safe and secure, fast and can save you on multiple bank cable charges. Check it out now!

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This year's PPL AGM was by far the best in all aspects and so perfectly executed by the entire PPL Team.

Thank you to the awesome team at PPL for putting together such an amazing event! It was seriously top-notch! To everyone who attended - you guys rock!

Elif Balci


Thank you PPL Team for such a great organization and for choosing a great hotel. It was a good opportunity to meet our friends and get new ones. Great job PPL!

Thank you PPL for this wonderful conference! I had a great time with you, see you again in Abu Dhabi!

Another wonderful performance from the PPL Team! It just keeps getting better year after year!

Thank you so much PPL Family, for the amazing meetings and conversations. It was a great experience sharing this week with you all!

ECX - Euro Cargo Dream Team, wants to thank everyone who attended the conference, especially to Koen and his PPL Team!

Thank you so much PPL Team! I am extremely appreciative for such well-planned, well executed and enjoyable conference. I look forward to returning next year!

Thank you PPL Team for your continuous efforts! Once again you managed to surprise us with an exceptional organization and venue! I am looking forward to the next one.

Thank you for all the warm welcome on my first PPL Conference. I had a great time!

Thank you PPL Team for another great event!

To all old and new friends, it was a great pleasure to meet you all here at the 16th PPL AGM, this time in Bangkok! Always short, but fantastic, enjoyable and great memories I carry on along with me!

Thank you for the excellent conference, PPL Family! Great to see old friends and partners. See you all again!

Thank you PPL Team, for as always, excellent and well organized conference!

Big thank you to PPL for another great event, perfectly organized. It is always a great pleasure meeting old and making new friends, creating memories and feel the dynamic of this group! See you all sooner!

Thanks to everyone who have participated in the PPL conference in Bangkok. It was fantastic to meet all the old friends and meeting new ones.

Many thanks PPL Team, for this wonderful and fantastic conference which only improves each time. Everything was perfect and thought out to perfection! Looking forward to the next time!

It was a great pleasure to meet the best people in PPL Meeting. Thank you PPL Team for creating such wonderful memories.

Thank you PPL Team for such a big organization this time! I hope to see many of you in Abu Dhabi or in the following AGM!

Thank you PPL Family for the wonderful meetings as always. Congratulations on an excellent conference PPL Team! It was wonderful to see you all once again, see you soon!

Dear Koen, I appreciate the effort you made to make this program successful. See you all gain!

It was lovely to see you all! Special thanks to Koen and team for organizing the event!

Great conference! See you all in Abu Dhabi.

I had a great time at PPL AGM in Bangkok! Thank you PPL Team, see you soon!

It was a pleasure catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Thanks PPL for such an amazing conference!

It was a pleasure to meet you all gain. Thank you PPL for the great organization!

It was a real pleasure meeting all of you! A big thank you to PPL Team for organizing such a great event! We look forward to seeing you all again in Abu Dhabi soon!

On behalf of Team Sevenseas, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for taking time to meet with us and discuss potential business opportunities. We look forward to seeing you all soon in Abu Dhabi.


Wise Tech Bravo Tran